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Why Plumbing Preventative Maintenance is Important

We get it; you simply do not want to spend money where you don’t have to. And well, as a small business, we respect some frugality. But the real question here is, what in plumbing preventative maintenance is necessary, and what isn’t?

Here are the top reasons why preventative maintenance is super important!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A large portion of plumbing systems operate behind the scenes, between the walls, inside of drains, and under the floors, so it can be incredibly difficult to detect a problem. While walking around with a toilet maintenance checklist doesn’t quite make for a fun Saturday morning, it’s important to do on occasion.

These checkups may allow you to detect a leak you never would have noticed otherwise, and can save you money on your water bill. The numbers speak for themselves: fixing an easily corrected household water leak can save homeowners about 10 percent on their monthly bill. Those recurring savings may cover your entire service call in a short period of time.

plumbing checklist

Spend Time Now, Save Time Later

We know, this is SUPER EXCITING STUFF Right! Okay, probably only for us plumbers.

This preventive maintenance program deal is probably not your jam… but you might be singing a different tune once we show you how much time and money you can potentially save.

Adding one more chore to your weekly or monthly household to-do list might seem like a drag, but these preventative measures could help prevent future catastrophes like a burst pipe due to a buildup of water pressure. Or extreme failures, like the ones that result in floods. Those will likely lead to a pretty long stay in an Airbnb, especially if mold becomes a problem. Yikes.

The Cringe-Worthy Cost of Reactive Maintenance

If you are the type that values time, then you will understand that sooner is better than later. The fact of the matter is that emergency repairs demand immediate attention and they can require much more extreme measures and time to complete. In the end this equals more expense. As our customer, we want arm you, and your wallet, with ways to avoid these stressful and costly situations.

plumbing checklist

For example, low water pressure shouldn’t typically cost more than a few hundred dolars to fix—unless your the home was built before 1960 and contains galvanized pipes. If you used the plumbing checklist form and monitored your rust buildup, you may be able to isolate the problem and prevent the need to replace all the pipes in your home.

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Benefits of Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

To recap, here’s a list of bullet points that illustrate why preventative maintenance is important:

  • Big savings from small fixes

  • Catch small problems before they turn into large ones

  • Protects home from major failures, like a burst pipe

  • Saves time by preventing messy situations

  • Makes life easier and repairs more affordable

Now that you know the value of routine checkups, here is a free plumbing quality control checklist to help you stay on top of your plumbing. Ready to get on our 2x yearly maintenance program

Ready to get on our 2x yearly maintenance program? Click here to schedule an appointment